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Class Rules and Procedures

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These rules and procedures are simple and easy to follow. They are designed to create a safe classroom environment where learning can happen for anyone and everyone.




  1. Be ready to work with all required materials when the bell rings
    1. Pen, pencil, notebook paper, and your textbook are to be with you every class session
    2. Bring an attitude that shows you are prepared to learn 
  2. Be polite, helpful, and respectful to other students, the teacher, and any guests
    1. Offer help and your expertise rather than demeaning others; keep everyone moving forward with your help
    2. Allow the teacher to teach; do not interrupt the educational process
    3. Speak respectfully; do not use offensive language
      1. Offensive language includes "You're stupid." "Shut up!" and "That was dumb."
      2. Cursing and swearing is unacceptable (unless you're seriously wounded, in which case I understand, but will frown at your choice of words) 
  3. Follow instructions the first time they are given
    1. If you aren't sure what you should be doing, look around first and take cues from others
    2. See the page R-I-C-E Stands For 


Teacher Responsibilities


  • To treat you, the student, with respect and care as an individual
  • To provide you with an orderly classroom environment
  • To provide the necessary discipline
  • To provide the appropriate motivation
  • To teach the required content


Student Responsibilities


  • To treat me with respect and care as an individual
  • To attend classes regularly and in a timely fashion
  • To be cooperative and not disruptive
  • To study and do your work (success is a result of effort)
  • To learn and master the required content




Life is full of procedures to help with structure, efficiency, and safety. For example, there is a procedure to follow when you want to secure a driver’s license, a procedure for checking out a library book, and a procedure for exiting the school in case of emergency. Procedures are also appropriate for structure, efficiency, and safety in this room:


  • When entering the room, look for instructions on the white board and/or projected on the wall. If you see instructions, follow them
  • When the teacher asks for attention, be quiet so instructions can be heard
  • When you want the teacher's attention, raise your hand and wait to be recognized
  • When you wish to make a request to use the restroom or leave your seat, do so during transitions or work times, not in the middle of lessons
  • When finished with English homework, do not disrupt others. Read from a magazine or book, or study for another class
  • When the teacher says, "Have a good day!" you may pack bags and leave your seat for the door




  • First offense - verbal warning, call home if warranted
  • Second offense - call home, detention
  • Third offense - call home, detention, parent meeting



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