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I Am

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“I Am” Poem – A Creative Personal Introduction


This creative poem allows you to introduce aspects of yourself to others in class. Your poem will have eleven lines, and each line has specific rules, as described in the table below:


Line 1

Line 2

Line 3

Lines 4, 5, 6


Line 7

Lines 8, 9, 10


Line 11

I am

Three nouns about which you have strong feelings

A complete sentence about two things that you like

Three nouns that describe what you like to see in other people. To each noun, add “is important to me” (to make three short sentences)

A sentence containing a positive thought or feeling

Each line is a short sentence relating to something about which you have strong feelings. They can be likes and dislikes.

I am




I am

Life, Hope, Joy

I care very much about the world and life on it.

Honesty is important to me.

Optimism is important to me.

Unselfishness is important to me.

Hospitality shows others you care about them.

The world is getting weaker.

The longer the days the more beautiful they are.

People are too negative.

I am

I am

Energy, Spontaneity, Curiosity

I want to see people break the norm and experience life.

Eye contact is important to me.

Open spaces are important to me.

Optimism is important to me.

Break down barriers to view new horizons.

Routine breaks creativity.

A day without appointments is the proverbial oyster.

People worry too much.

I am


Your “I Am” poem has another component beyond the words you write. Sure, we find out something about you by reading the words, but we are also visual people, and for this reason your message will have more power if you combine words with images.


When you have a final version of your poem, center it vertically and horizontally on a piece of 8.5 x 11 (normal size) paper. Surround the poem with images of things that relate to you. You could cut out magazine photos and paste them on the paper. You could combine your own drawing with, say, cutouts of photos you or your family has taken. You could create a 3-D effect by having items stick out from the page. Regardless of what you do, the images that surround your poem must have some direct relationship to you personally.


On the back of the paper, write a brief explanation of how some of the images you attached relate to you. Mention at least two, but no more than four. BE SPECIFIC!



The poem follows the rules: ___ Yes   ___ No

The author surrounded the poem with images on a 8.5 x 11” piece of paper: ___ Yes   ___ No

The author explained on the back side how 2-4 images relate to them personally: ___ Yes   ___ No


Overall quality:

Appears clean and crisp, like the student obviously took time to prepare carefully; neat, thorough, thoughtful

Appears clean and crisp, like time was taken; looks a bit thrown together in places (last-minute explanation, perhaps)

Appears mostly tossed together; still, student shows thought went into the work

Appears obviously tossed together carelessly; student does not show care in preparation with this assignment


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