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Wed-Thu, Jan 21-22
FINAL QUIZ for Immigration
One prompt will be: Write a journal entry from the perspective of Jurgis as an older man, thinking about his life. (Please use your best penmanship.) In this journal entry, be sure to cover the following topics:
  • How is life in America different than what Jurgis expected?
  • If Jurgis could go back and "do it all over again" would he? Explain your rationale.
  • How did the society of Packingtown set up the immigrants for failure?
  • How has Jurgis changed since he arrived in Packingtown? (Perhaps highlight what he has learned.)
  • What will happen to Jurgis and his family? (Make a prediction!)
Fri and Tue, Jan 16 and 20
(Monday, Jan 19 is a holiday to observe the influence of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)
DUE: First batch of twelve "Jungle" reading questions
PART III from "The Jungle" - Six simple reading questions:
  1. Why does Jurgis need to find a doctor?
  2. What monetary agreement does Jurgis make with Madame Haupt?
  3. What is the occupation of Madame Haupt?
  4. What happens to Ona and the unborn baby?
  5. Why did the family wait so long to get help?
  6. What does Jurgis do at the end of chapter 19?
Wed-Thu, Jan 14-15
DUE: (For 10% deduction) Ellis Island Journal
Ellis Island Immigration QUIZ (based on the Ellis Island Powerpoint)


Whole-class work on completing parts of the two Venn Diagrams

READING and WORK time on "The Jungle"
The last ten minutes or so will be reserved for discussion.
HOMEWORK: Complete the first batch of "Jungle" reading questions
Mon-Tue, Jan 12-13
DUE: (For 10% deduction Mon, for 20% deduction Tues) Wild West research, Ellis Island Journal
Two Venn Diagrams will help you take note of observations and thoughts while reading the selections from "The Jungle"
  • First Venn Diagram - one side "Immigration in the 1890s-1920s" the other side "Immigration Present Day." Give yourself room to write two observations in the middle, shared portion, and three observations on either side.
  • Second Venn Diagram - one side "Positive" one side "Negative" - these are occurrences in "The Jungle." Give yourself room for two observations in the middle, about three on the "Positive" side, and perhaps ten on the "Negative" side.
Reading of a selection from Upton Sinclair's novel "The Jungle." Many links for this novel exist. The Literature Network has the entire text.
Reading questions:
  1. In the beginning of the section, Jurgis and the family are extremely worried about money. What are they saving for?
  2. What are all of the extra items Jurgis and the family have to pay for that htey did not know about when they signed the contract? (List them and their prices.)
  3. Describe Jurgis' personality. Relate some of his personality traits to people you know - how are these people you know like Jurgis?
  4. Why were workers not on the same job very long? Give specific examples from the book.
  5. Describe Ona's personality. Relate some of her personality traits to people you know - how are these people you know like Ona?
  6. Describe life in Packingtown. Give detailed examples. What was it like to live there? What were the hardships immigrants had?
  7. What was done to the food that immigrants bought? Be specific, using examples from the book.
  8. Describe what happens to old Antanas. Be specific.
  9. If you were one of the immigrants and you could choose from one of the jobs listed in the book (you are required to work) what job would you pick and why? Justify your answer.
  10. Explain the tragedies in each of the seasons for Jurgis and all of the immigrants. Cite examples from the book.
  11. Which season do you think was the worst? Justify your answer.
  12. Which season do you think was the best? Justify your answer?


About ten minutes will be reserved at the end of class for discussion.


HOMEWORK: You can continue your reading online if you wish, and answer the questions independently.

Thu, Jan 8 and Fri, Jan 9
REMINDER: Wild West research papers due by 3pm Friday
Complete (or start!) the Ellis Island powerpoint
Take notes carefully - content will be on an upcoming quiz
Read pages 664-666 in the blue textbook.
After reading the text, read each quote in the sand-colored sidebar.
Reading journal/notes: Pick one of the quotes in the sand-colord sidebar. Answer the following questions:
  1. What was it about this particular quote that drew you in?
  2. What do you think the quote reveals about America at the time? 
  3. How does the quote you chose still have relevance today? Explain briefly.
Writing assignment:
Now that you've taken a tour of Ellis Island, imagine you are an immigrant passing through Ellis Island and write a journal entry (like in a daily diary) about your experience. Think about these questions before you begin and as you are writing:
  • What does Ellis Island look like? Buildings, surrounding water, distant city, and other geographic features.
  • What happens to you as you are there? 
  • How are you feeling as you go through Ellis Island?
  • Are you being treated fairly? Humanely?
  • Who is next to you in line? What happens to them? 
  • Who do you encounter at Ellis Island?
In your journal entry, do your best to let others know what it was like to be an immigrant coming to the U.S. from 1892-1954. The focus of the journal entry should be on two things:
  1. Creating an authentic "voice" of a person that we think could have truly been there
  2. Noticing details about immigrant experience and Ellis Island you have studied so far
Journal entries should be at least 1/2 page in length, in your best penmanship.
HOMEWORK: Journal entry on Ellis Island. STUDY your powerpoint notes as well!
Tues, Jan 6 ("B" Day) and Wed, Jan 7 ("A" Day)
  • Please note that we have no more library or computer lab days - papers must be completed outside class time.
  • Need help/guidance? Arrange a meeting with me. I am not available Thurs Jan 8.
  • Wednesday before and after school - Academic Detention/English help in room 104 computer lab.
  • New due date: Friday by 3pm.
  • A status check on research papers - where are you?


New Unit!! This will take us to the end of the term: America: "Immigration Nation"


A look at immigrant experiences early in American history and now


But first: Do you have what it takes to become a U.S. citizen? Try the sample questions from the old immigration exam. Or try some of the questions on the new exam that began in Oct of 2008.


Discussion, handout, and notes:

  1. What is immigration?
  2. How did immigration impact American society in the early 1900s? Think of movies like "Far and Away," "Avalon," and perhaps even "Feivel: An American Tale"
  3. Did your ancestors immigrate to America? How much do you know about their journey? (Wasn't there a middle school project on this?)
  4. Using your background knowledge, what do you think the immigrants experienced when they first landed in America?


"Ellis Island" Powerpoint

Take notes carefully - content will be on an upcoming quiz


HOMEWORK: Compare notes from the "Ellis Island" powerpoint with a friend. Determine if they have anything you're missing, and add it. Come prepared to complete the powerpoint next class.

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