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Unit 4 - The Hero's Journey

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Thu-Fri, Dec 17-18


DUE TODAY: Finished  hero's journey vs. film project


FOCUS TODAY: Sharing of projects


Tue-Wed, Dec 15-16


DUE TODAY: Nothing in writing

HOMEWORK TONIGHT: Finish the hero's journey vs. film project 

FOCUS TODAY: How to best represent your knowledge of the hero's journey


Work day


Fri and Mon, Dec 11 and 14


DUE TODAY: Nothing in writing

HOMEWORK TONIGHT: Decide what type of writing you will create for the film vs. hero journey project - START!

FOCUS TODAY: Hero's journey vs. film, part II


Viewing concludes for "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" - click here for the assignment


Wed-Thu, Dec 9-10



  • One hero of your choice, attempting to fit their actions/adventure into the hero template
  • List of qualities of a hero, and whether any of these qualities are found in today's heroes

HOMEWORK  TONIGHT: You might develop further your ideas for how "O Brother, Where Art Thou" matches the elements of the hero's journey

FOCUS  TODAY: The hero's journey in film


Today we begin viewing "O Brother, Where Art Thou" - a modern update to the epic journey of Odysseus in Homer's epic poem "The Odyssey"


Work on matching elements of the film to elements of the hero's journey - click HERE for the assignment


Mon-Tue, Dec 7-8


DUE TODAY: Nothing


  • Select one hero and try to "fit" their behavior into the hero template
  • Make a list of the qualities you think a "hero" possesses. Odysseus was a hero to the Greeks - he shows certain qualities the Greeks highly valued. Are any of those values he possessed values of today's heroes?

FOCUS TODAY: The hero's journey, the epic hero cycle (.pdf)


Greek values art project reflection:


  1. The intent of a myth is to help an audience understand relationships with other people and the world surrounding them. How successful do you think “The Odyssey” was at doing this by showing the values of the Greeks? Were the messages for the Greek audience painfully obvious? Difficult to find? Somewhere in between? Explain your answer.
  2. With the project, you had to demonstrate that you could relate the Greek themes and values in “The Odyssey” to an audience. You were required to relate those values without using printed text, as though your audience could not read. Two questions:
    1. Tell what your art was and explain how your art “showed” the values.
    2. How successful were you, do you think, at reaching your audience? Justify your answer.
  3. What would you do differently, if anything, if you had the opportunity to do the project over again? If you would not do anything differently, then explain why.
  4. What suggestion do you have to make this project more meaningful for students next year? Imagine you are giving input to the teacher.


Investigation of the epic hero cycle, with examples and notes

Investigation of the closely related hero's journey

Elements of the Epic Hero’s Journey:

  1. Hero possesses traits “beyond the norm” (like strength, smarts, incredible eyesight, etc.)
  2. The Quest – The hero has a goal or ultimate aim
  3. The Allies – The hero is accompanied by allies, whether human, animal, or “other” – often there is a mentor figure who gives training and guidance to the hero
  4. Supernatural Interference - Supernatural beings (gods, animals, other creatures) aid or hinder the hero’s progress on the journey

4.1.   The Woman as Temptress – Often the hero is met by someone or something that aims to destroy the hero’s mission

  1. The Road of Trials – The hero experiences significant challenges during the journey; these trials test whether the hero will be elevated (and take his rightful place) or will be defeated (and sink into mediocrity or death)
  2. “The Belly of the Whale” – The hero finds himself in a foreign, supernatural world far away from what is “normal” and “routine”
  3. Apparent Defeat – Often at the point of deepest darkness, the hero appears defeated or even dead
  4. Resurrection and Restitution – From the depths of doom, the hero (miraculously) emerges to take his rightful place that earlier seemed lost

8.1.   The Magic Flight – The hero’s reward seems secure, but there are still forces acting against him, trying to get the “treasure” back – often a chase ensues, with the hero escaping



At home, make a list of the qualities you think a "hero" possesses. Odysseus was a hero to the Greeks - he shows certain qualities the Greeks highly valued. Are any of those values he possessed values of today's heroes?

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