2011 English9 Unit5



Fri, Jan 27



HMWK: n/a

TODAY: Coats of arms and letters to king reviewed


Sharing of coats of arms


Thu, Jan 26


DUE: n/a

HMWK: Complete letter to king and coat of arms design - due TOMORROW

TODAY: English vocab quiz


Vocab quiz


Wed, Jan  25


DUE: n/a


TODAY: Day two in computer lab


Work in computer lab on:


Helpful links for this project:

Tue, Jan 24


DUE: By end of period: Business letter template changed to your content and saved in student folder

HMWK: Continue working on your design - due FRI with letter to king

TODAY: In computer lab for work on coat of arms design AND business letter to king


Click here for the scoring guides on the coat of arms and business letter


Coat of Arms – Letter to the King

Business Letter Format (retrieved 1/24/12 Online from Writing@CSU)


Click here for a template to begin your business letter (.doc) 

Click here for a sample modified block style business letter (.pdf)

Click here for a sample letter to the king


Letters not on company letterhead stationery are written in a modified block style with the heading, date and complimentary close left justified to the center line and the inside address, salutation and body justified to the left margin. The elements of a business letter are:


The heading (sender’s return address)

The date

The inside address (recipient’s address)

The salutation (greeting)

The body (main text)

The complimentary close (with signature)

The notation (extra notes)


Coat of Arms Design/Symbol Project 


Helpful links for this project:


More web-based help:


Mon, Jan 23


DUE: n/a

HMWK: Think about symbols/designs for your coat of arms

TODAY: Review of symbols, symbolism, coat of arms design assignment


ANNOUNCEMENT: No semester cumulative final exam. Instead, Thurs. quiz on English vocabulary (like plot, protagonist, rising action, irony, theme, etc.)


Review of symbolism: Focus on animals and their meanings


Introduction to coat of arms design assignment

Draft/ideas handout (table)

Web site for a coat of arms template (pdf)