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APUnit5 Overview

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Unit Five: Landmark American Rhetoric


  • A special focus on syntax and tone with exercises (instructor keyword: binder)
  • From The Art of Styling Sentences: Ch. 4 – Figurative Language in Sentences


  • CA Ch. 6 - Benjamin Franklin – From the Autobiography (1771 narrative/memoir)
  • LC and CA - Henry David Thoreau – On the Duty of Civil Disobedience (1850 argument)
  • LC - Chief Seattle – “Message to President Franklin Pierce” (1854 compare/contrast)
  • CA Ch. 10 - Abraham Lincoln – “The Gettysburg Address” (1863)
  • CA Ch. 9 - Susan B. Anthony – “Women’s Right to Vote” (1873 argument)
  • CA Ch. 9 - U.S. Supreme Court – Plessy v. Ferguson (1894 legal argument)
  • CA Ch. 9 - U.S. Supreme Court – Brown v. Board of Education (1954 legal argument)
  • CA Ch. 5 - John F. Kennedy – “Inaugural Address” (1961 argument)
  • CA Ch. 6 - Martin Luther King, Jr. – “I Have a Dream” (1963)


  • Film – “Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin” (2010)


  • Short-Form Formal Essay – Select one of the landmark texts. Then write an essay in which you analyze how the speaker (or author) crafts the text to achieve his/her purpose.
  • Short-Form Formal Essay peer response, editing activities, focused revision, polished final draft, reflection
  • Timed Formal Responses (2)  – Timed write; annotation/dissection of an AP prompt; analysis of AP essay scoring guidelines; investigation of anchor student essays; instructor keywords: Banneker (w/s), Postman (sans)
  • Revision of and reflection on Timed Formal Response – student teams assess and assign grades to first and final drafts; the grades are informational only and not entered in the grade book
  • Multiple Choice Mock Exam – Individual and group work with rhetorical devices and author’s purpose


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